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Dr. David Hooker


  • Ph.D. Crop Science - University of Guelph (2000)
  • M.Sc. Crop Science - University of Guelph (1993)
  • B.Sc. (Agr.) Crop Science - University of Guelph (1991)


  • Crop and Livestock Management - Ridgetown College of Agricultural Technology (1985)


  • Applied Plant Science DAGR*1200
  • Corn and Oilseed Management DAGR*3200
  • Small Grain and Forages DAGR*2200
  • Cropping Systems DAGR*4200
  • Colloquium in Crop Management PLNT*6420

Research Interests

Field crop agronomy is multidisciplinary including expertise in genetics, fertility, soil management, and pest management; my research and teaching programs reflect the nature of agronomy as extremely diverse in structure with robust contributions to both science and extension. The use of hypotheses forces research to attain a high level of precision and focus (Grogan, 2005). My research goal is to develop a better understanding of field crop systems for developing science-based solutions for improving corn, soybean, and wheat production.

In order to achieve this goal, I believe: i) that proficiency (breadth of understanding) across a broad range of knowledge-based areas within field crop production is important, and ii) active collaboration with OMAFRA Specialists, Grain Farmers of Ontario, growers, and other Industry Partners is critical to the output of the research. Projects would not exist without the strong technical skillsets of my technicians Jonathan Brinkman, Ken Van Raay and Carlene Scott, plus several graduate and summer students.

The primary objective of my research group is to achieve a greater efficiency and sustainability of corn, soybean, and wheat production using an applied systems hypothesis-driven approach, through a better understanding of interactions among genotype, environment, and other crop response factors and input variables.

Research Technicians

Jonathan Brinkman

519-674-1500 Ext. 63608

Ken Van Raay

519-674-1500 Ext. 63231

Carlene Scott

Graduate Students (Advised or Co-Advised)

Emma Dieleman

Intensive wheat management, co-advise with Dr. Josh Nasielski

M.Sc. Student

Department of Plant Agriculture

Tuesday Kristiansen

Entomopathic nematodes and corn rootworm, co-advise with Dr. Jocelyn Smith

M.Sc. Student

Department of Plant Agriculture

Kurtis Pilkington

Use of PGRs and lodging management in wheat, co-advise with Dr. Josh Nasielski

M.Sc. Student

Department of Plant Agriculture

Seth Ritsma

Planting date effects in corn and soybean, co-advise with Dr. Josh Nasielski

M.Sc. Student

Department of Plant Agriculture

Natasha Weppler

True armyworm dynamics in wheat, co-advise with Dr. Jocelyn Smith

M.Sc. Student

Department of Plant Agriculture

Graduate Student Committees

  • Gavin Brady (Advisor: Dr. Josh Nasielski)
  • Dan Colcuc (Advisor: Dr. Kim Schneider)
  • Sarah Fournier (Advisor: Dr. Kari Dunfield)
  • Zachery Hoegy (Advisor: Dr. Liz Lee)
  • Jongwong Kang (Advisor: Dr. Josh Nasielski)
  • Puja Lamichhane (Advisor: Dr. Kim Schneider)
  • Evan Myer (Advisor: Dr. Kari Dunfield)
  • Matt Rundle (Advisor: Dr. Hugh Earl)
  • SM Sayem (Advisor: Dr. Laura Van Eerd)
  • Hannah Symington (Advisor: Dr. Peter Sikkema)

Potential Graduate Students

I am looking for graduate students who have a keen interest in developing a better understanding of interactions among crop response factors and input variables in corn, soybean, or wheat. For more information, please contact me using the information above.

Refereed Publications

View the complete list of Dr. David Hooker’s scientific publications on Google Scholar.

Current Projects

  • Manage long-term tillage-crop rotation-N trial (est. 1995) at Ridgetown
  • Manage 4 long-term P and K sufficiency vs. build-maintain trials with OMAFRA
  • Manage long-term cover crop trials with Dr. Manish Raizada
  • Intensive wheat management using N management and PGRs
  • Planting date x intensive wheat management
  • Corn and soybean planting dates, cultivar and seeding rate effects
  • Advancing soybean harvest maturity using desiccants
  • DON modeling in field corn
  • Fungicide application technologies for reducing mycotoxins in corn
  • 4R N management in corn for improving NUE and reducing emissions
  • YEN (Yield Enhancement Network) in winter wheat, with Joanna Follings (OMAFRA), Marty Vermey (GFO) and Dennis Pennington (MSU)
  • Corn hybrid performance evaluations (manage 8 locations through the Ontario Corn Committee)
  • Winter wheat performance trials (manage 2 locations through the Ontario Cereal Crop Committee)
  • Winter barley performance at Ridgetown
  • Corn hybrid and wheat variety/disease/mycotoxin responses to fungicides
  • Agronomic decisions affecting mycotoxin accumulation
  • Several entomology-focused projects in corn, soybean and wheat with Dr. Jocelyn Smith
  • Several pathology-focused projects in corn, soybean and wheat with Albert Tenuta (OMAFRA)
  • Several soils-based projects, mainly with Drs. Laura VanEerd and Kari Dunfield
  • Several weeds-based projects, mainly with Dr. Peter Sikkema

Research Partners

  • Growers
  • Grain Farmers on Ontario
  • Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs
  • Ontario Agri-Food Innovation Alliance
  • Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP)
  • Food From Thought
  • Bayer CropScience
  • Syngenta
  • BASF
  • Ostara
  • Sollio
  • Belchim
  • The Mosaic Company
  • Axter AgroScience
  • Weather INnovations Incorporated