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Off-Campus Housing Submission

Thank you for considering posting your off-campus housing for students that are studying at Ridgetown Campus or the Clinton, REACH Equine Education Centre.

We hope this site makes it easy to post your vacancy with us. Off campus student housing is a critical part of the services that college students require and your listing is important.

How Do I List My Off-campus Housing Opportunity

Two easy options!

  1. Post your housing option on-line using the form below
  2. Call us at 519-674-1500 x63517

About Posting an Off-Campus Housing listing on our Website

New and updated listings can be viewed by landlords who have included their e-mail address at the time of posting. When a new listing is added, an e-mail will be sent to the address included in your listing to confirm that your listing is now on our site. This e-mail will contain a link to our new/updated postings.

Time Frame of Posting

  • Listings will display for 180 days
  • If you would like to keep your listing on the site after the 180 day period, please , phone at 519-674-1500 x63517 or use the form below. You can verify your listing by using the link included in the e-mail sent to you or the link displayed at the time of posting.

How to Update or Remove a Posting

If you remove your current listing or require a change to a current listing, please call us at 519-674-1500 x63517 or use the .

Useful Contacts

Your Listing Information

This service is provided free of charge. The University of Guelph Ridgetown Campus does not take any responsibility for the use of the information you provide to us to post on the site.
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Fraud Warning
The following FRAUD ALERT is intended to make you aware that, on rare occasions, frauds can occur on this type of website.

Anti-fraud Call Centre
Check out the new Canadian Anti-fraud call centre to find out about updates on current scams that could affect you! You can call 1-888-495-8501 or e-mail them at info@phonebusters.com. To find out more, visit their website.

Landlord Fraud Warning
Guelph Police Services have contacted Off-Campus Housing Services to make us aware of a scam that may affect landlords posting listings on the Internet.

The landlord is contacted by telephone or e-mail by someone overseas, asking to rent their accommodation. An agreement is made to send the deposit by money order or cheque. When the landlord receives the payment, it is for a considerably larger sum than was originally agreed upon. The landlord is then contacted by the "tenant" and told an error has occurred, and he/she is instructed to cash the money order or cheque and wire transfer the difference to the "tenant".

The landlord is subsequently informed by their bank that the money order or cheque is fraudulent. Unfortunately, it can take time for the bank or post office to discover that the money order or cheque is counterfeit. The victim (landlord) is usually held financially responsible as they have passed a fraudulent money order or cheque. Since the transactions are carried out by e-mail or cell phone, out of province or country, it is extremely difficult to positively identify the individual posing as the tenant.

Off-Campus Housing Services recommends that, if you receive a request from a prospective tenant for a refund of a deposit overpayment, you contact the fraud unit of your local police service.

Here are 2 examples of the fraud emails:

Example 1


		My name is ************, and from England.I
		am intersted in the apartment you advertised on
		the Ridgetown Campus site. I am a very tolerant
		person and down to earth. Kindly get back to me
		if the place is still available for rent, also i
		will like to know more details as regards the
		room and let me know exactly what to pay as
		deposit to secure the place before my arrival.
		I look forward to hearing back from you ASAP.

		Regards, *****

Example 2

		From: *****@somedomain.com
		Hello Sir/Madam
		How are you and the entire family..? i hope all
		is well with you. i Saw your Ad for a place to
		rent, and i ll love to rent your Advertised unit...
		will you kindly get back to me with all other
		necessary  details different from the ones pasted
		in the Ad, i will in turn let you have all the things
		you should know about me....thanks so much

		Do Kindly get back to me, *****

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