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1) Estimating wetness duration on maize ears from meteorological observations (1997)
ASCHAAFS 1997 - P.S. Rao, T.J. Gillespie, and A.W. Schaafsma

2) Relating Fusarium Head Blight in Wheat to Rainfall Patterns Using GIS and Weather Radar Data in Southern Ontario (2000)
ASCHAAFS 2000 - C.L. Duke, R. Protz, T.J. Gillespie, A.W. Schaafsma, L. Tamburic-Illincic, D. Hudak

3) Using Weather Variables Pre- and Post-heading to Predict Deoxynivalenol Content in Winter Wheat (2002)
ASCHAAFS 2002 - D.C. Hooker, A.W. Schaafsma, and L. Tamburic-Illincic

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