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Four Key Research Partnerships

Campus research funding comes from four key stakeholder groups including:

The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) /University of Guelph Enhanced Partnership Agreement

Funding through the Enhanced Partnership agreement between OMAFRA and the University of Guelph provides important base funding for facilities, staffing, and operational dollars to conduct research at Ridgetown Campus. Funding through this agreement is augmented by diverse external funding sources to provide the financial foundation vital for all campus research programs. The OMAFRA contract agreement directly supports 10.45 full-time research equivalents and 15 technicians on a base of approximately $3.0 million annually.

Private Industry, Ontario Boards and Associations

Over 100 different research partners contribute funds, primarily supporting OMAFRA research projects and provincial research priorities. These partners range in size from small entrepreneurial firms to large global businesses.

Federal Government Research Programs

Research scientists receive federal funding support from several funding programs including:

Other Provincial Government Research Programs

Our research staff deliver research based on priority or special provincial funding initiatives on a contract basis.

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