Associate Diploma In Veterinary Technology Conventional Delivery

Frequently Asked Questions About Conventional Delivery

What academic qualifications do I need in order to apply to the program?
Applicants to the Veterinary Technology Diploma Conventional Delivery program require the same academic pre-admission requirements are those who apply to the Alternative Delivery format.

How do I apply to this program?
Applicants apply to both formats of the Veterinary Technology diploma through The program code for the Conventional delivery is R206. The application period is between mid-October and February 1st. No late applications are considered for this program.

How long does the program take to complete?
The program will take two years to complete. A four-week externship (work placement) will be completed at the end of the second semester.

How much does the program cost?
The cost of this program is approximately $12,000 and will be spread over two years. This fee does include an approximate cost of required text books.

Will there be residence accommodations available on-campus?
Yes, residence is available and is guaranteed to first year students. An off-campus housing list is available on our website.

Will there be meals available on campus?
The cafeteria on campus is open during the school semester. A meal plan is required for those students living in residence. There is a student lounge outfitted with a microwave and vending machines located within the Veterinary Technology building.

When do I have to have my 40 hours of work experience completed and where do I get the form?
A student must gain a minimum of 40 hours work experience under the guidance of a qualified veterinarian. The Work Experience form is sent to all applicants along with the "Acknowledgment of Application" from the Assistant Registrar’s office in January or February of the year of application. The form is to be completed by the veterinarian or the veterinary technician at the clinic/hospital and returned to Admissions at the campus by August 1st. Applicants who have an offer of admission made to them, but do not submit their work experience report by August 1st will forfeit their seat in the program.

Are there vaccine requirements for students of the Veterinary Technology program?
A series of three preventative rabies vaccines will be administered at the campus in September. The fee for these vaccines will be applied to your second program invoice. Proof of current Tetanus and Diphtheria must also be presented to the Vet. Tech. administration personnel upon the student’s arrival in September. (Verification of dates of immunization should be presented on an immunization card or note from a doctor’s office.)

Can I make use of the library facilities at University of Guelph’s four campuses?
Yes. As a student member of the University of Guelph you will have access to the facilities at all four campuses, including the Guelph campus. You will require a student card with photo ID and student number. Information concerning obtaining a student card is supplied to students after acceptance into the program.

Can I transfer into the Veterinary Technology Alternative program once the program commences if a position becomes available?
No. Although the course material is similar to the Alternative program, the structure of the Conventional program is entirely different and thus transfer into the Alternative program will not be allowed.

Will I have the same qualifications as a veterinary technician when I graduate from the Conventional program as the graduating students of the Veterinary Technology Alternative program?
Yes. You will graduate with a University of Guelph Associate Diploma in Veterinary Technology just as the Alternative study students. Your educational training during the two years will make you a fully qualified veterinary technician. After graduation you will be qualified to apply to write the North American Registered Veterinary Technician exam.

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