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International Experience Opportunities

Earn a course credit through travel

International travel helps you broaden your understanding of different cultures, governments, management practices and production practices. Students in the Agriculture or Horticulture diploma programs at Ridgetown can explore international learning and study abroad for a credit towards their diploma.

All international opportunities are dependent on a minimum student participation.

US Agricultural Study Tour

  • Trip Date: End of August/Early September
  • Trip Length: 7 days
  • Trip Timing: Summer between Year 1 and 2

Open to Agriculture students

Must enroll into the ‘Introduction to US Agriculture Course’ in the winter semester prior to the trip

Credit Course (0.5 credit)

Explore agriculture in the mid-west United States through this one-week study tour. You will explore a variety of farm operations and agribusinesses, and learn about aspects of business and production you may not otherwise get to experience. Course credit can be earned for participation in the tour and the completion of course assignments.

Experiential Learning (World Dairy Expo) Course

  • Trip Date: End of September/ Early October
  • Trip Length: 4.5 days
  • Trip Timing: Year 2, Semester 3

Open to Agriculture students

Credit Course (0.5 credit)

This course gives students the opportunity to learn through travel to the World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wisconsin. Students do coursework before and after departure and are involved in the dairy study tour. Students visit dairy operations in Michigan and Wisconsin and attend the World Dairy Expo tradeshow and Dairy Show. This is an exciting way to earn a credit towards your diploma while expanding your horizons in the dairy industry.

Belize Study Tour

  • Trip Date: Mid-December after final exams
  • Trip Length: 7 days
  • Trip Timing: Year 2, between Semester 3 and 4

Open to Agriculture and Horticulture students

Credit Course (0.5 credit)

You will gain a broader perspective on agriculture and horticulture production and development abroad through this one-week study tour to Belize, Central America. Pre-departure academic classes and further seminars after your return will help you get the most from this exciting adventure. You can also earn a credit towards your diploma. While in Belize, you will study and tour a variety of agricultural and horticultural sites, including: Citrus Farms, Botanical Gardens, Banana Plantations, Beef/Dairy Operations, SHARE Ag Foundation International, and Development Projects.

Eli Bassano
"I participated in the Belize study tour and it was an amazing experience. The chance to learn about different cultures and interact with local people while we stayed in a Mayan village was very eye-opening. Learning about different types of agriculture production in a tropical climate was a great addition to my agricultural education at Ridgetown."

Eli Bassano
Abbey Park High School, Oakville, ON
Senior Student, Agriculture Diploma

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