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Earn Two Associate Diplomas in Three Years

Students who complete Associate Diploma programs in Horticulture or Environmental Management are eligible to complete the Associate Diploma in Agriculture with one additional year of study. You can earn two Associate Diplomas in three years, expanding your knowledge base and opening up many more potential career options.

Students wishing to take advantage of this opportunity must first complete the two-year environmental management or horticulture program. An internal Program Transfer form is completed during the final semester of the first program in order to enroll into the Agriculture program for one additional year.

Matt Baute
"My third and last year went by so quickly! It really is worth it to get a second diploma. I have learned so much in both the horticulture and agriculture diplomas and there are a lot of job opportunities available that will combine both my knowledge of horticulture and agriculture."

Matt Baute
Belle River High School, Belle River, ON
Graduate (Spring 2015, 2016), Associate Diploma in Horticulture, Agriculture

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