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Educational Opportunities

Unique Ways to Earn a Course Credit

Tailor Your Program to Your Interests (Agriculture and Horticulture)

Special Project Course – Develop Your Own Course

Is there a specific area related to your program that you’d like to explore on a deeper level? Pair up with an instructor and receive course credit for your research and special assignments. Students in their second year of the Diploma programs in Agriculture and Horticulture have the option of undertaking an independent study, where they will work one-on-one with a faculty member to investigate a topic of interest.

Summer Job – Learning for Credit (Experiential Learning Credit)

Students in the Associate Diploma programs in Agriculture or Horticulture program have the opportunity to use summer work experience in their area of study to work as a special project for course credit. Students interested in this experiential learning opportunity should see their academic program co-ordinator at the beginning of the winter semester.

Applied Livestock Options (Agriculture Diploma)

Cattle Herd Management Course

Students in the Agriculture Diploma program who take the Cattle Herd Management course can put their classroom knowledge to practical use in the Dairy Education Centre.

In this experiential learning course, you will be involved in many aspects of livestock operations, including breeding, production and finances. Students will learn to manage many aspects of a cattle operation.

Small Ruminant Production

Students in the Agriculture Diploma program have the opportunity to complete a hands-on course working with sheep and goats. This course teaches examples from Ontario as well as around the world. Students will learn about the production systems, breeding, nutrition, health and welfare, and products used when working with sheep and goats.

Travel While You Learn (Agriculture)

US Agricultural Study Tour

Explore agriculture in the mid-west United States through this oneweek study tour. You will explore a variety of farm operations and agribusinesses, and learn about aspects of business and production you may not otherwise get to experience. Course credit will be granted for participation in the tour and the completion of additional related projects. This course is open to a limited number of students entering their second year of studies.

Dairy Business (World Dairy Expo) Course

This course gives students the opportunity to learn through travel to the World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wisconsin. Students do coursework before and after departure and are involved in a four-day dairy study tour. Students visit dairy operations in Michigan and Wisconsin and attend the World Dairy Expo tradeshow and Dairy Show. This is an exciting way to earn a credit towards your diploma while expanding your horizons in the dairy industry.

After Graduation

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