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Living in Ridgetown

Living On-Campus

  • First-year students are guaranteed acceptance into residence as long as they meet the deadline for registration
  • Get to know your classmates
  • Enjoy campus life and extra-curricular activities
  • Convenience to campus facilities
  • Cafeteria on-site

Living Off-Campus in Ridgetown

If you prefer to live off-campus, you will find 100-150 private off-campus housing options in Ridgetown and the surrounding area.

Some housing options that are available include:

  • House rental (a room in a house shared with other students)
  • Apartment rental (individual or shared with one or more students)
  • Room and board (shared with others, sometimes provides meals)

Communities to consider for accommodation:

  • Morpeth (7 km)
  • Blenheim (16 km)
  • Thamesville (17 km)
  • Highgate (18 km)
  • Kent Bridge (22 km)

Larger cities close to Ridgetown:

  • Chatham (34 km)
  • London (100 km)
  • Windsor (110 km)

The Town of Ridgetown

With a population of 3,500, the town of Ridgetown is ‘Agriculture at its Best’. It offers a variety of amenities and services all within close walking distance. This safe and friendly community has banks, pharmacies, restaurants, a grocery store, and local shopping opportunities.

Fun and recreation

There are a variety of options in and around Ridgetown for active living, including:

  • bowling
  • tennis courts
  • arena
  • downtown shops
  • walking trails

The more adventurous can take in the scenery of the surrounding community, including Rondeau Provincial Park, located 15 minutes from Ridgetown.

Nick Klassen
"I knew the Ridgetown community was the right spot for me to live because it was small and welcoming. I had access to everything that I could need on a daily basis, such as a grocery store, restaurants, and pharmacies. It was a short walk to campus and all extracurriculars that I participated in."

Nick Klassen
Valley Heights Secondary School, Port Rowan, ON
Graduate (Spring 2016), Associate Diploma in Agriculture
Page reviewed 11/24/2016