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Students’ Council

Students are elected each year to be your representatives and the collective voice of the student body. Students’ Council is also involved in planning student events on campus for the entire student body, many of which give back to local charities and organizations.

  • Students have the opportunity to become involved in the Student Council
  • Being involved in the Student Council is a great way to have an input in decisions that are made that involve you and your classmates
  • Council members help plan student events and make decisions about other important aspects of student life on campus
  • Student Council gives students an opportunity to give back to their campus and the Ridgetown community
  • Council meetings are held once a week

"I encourage you to get involved and make a difference during your time at Ridgetown. It was a great experience for me!"

Aaron Martin, Students’ Council, Class of 2017
Page reviewed 10/26/2018