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After You Gradute

A Big Alumni Family

As a Ridgetown graduate you‘ll be joining the proud Westag alumni family of just over 7,000 graduates as well as the much larger University of Guelph alumni network.

Networking with Alumni

During your time at Ridgetown you’ll have the chance to meet many campus alumni working in your chosen industry, and giving back to the campus.

This is a great networking opportunity for you to meet new people and learn about current trends in the industry.

Ridgetown Campus as Your Second Home

We hope you will develop a fondness for Ridgetown Campus and consider it your second home.

As a Ridgetown alumnus the doors will always be open for a return visit after you graduate and we hope you will consider getting involved with the campus as an alumnus.

Giving Back to Campus

After you graduate we hope you’ll consider giving back to Ridgetown in your special way. Possibly by:

  • becoming a Westag mentor
  • hosting a class tour
  • giving a guest lecture
  • sitting on a campus committee or academic advisory board
  • attending the career fair
  • hiring a graduate

Ben Arnold
"I have really special memories of my Ridgetown experience. When I was a student at Ridgetown, one of my teachers helped me make the connection to my first job and I’ve never forgotten that! Ridgetown Campus helped me get started in the work world and that’s why I give back to the campus whenever I can. I sincerely hope I might have the opportunity to meet you during your time at Ridgetown, and perhaps help make a difference in your Ridgetown experience!"

Ben Arnold
Westag Alumnus
Class of 1999, Agriculture Diploma Graduate

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