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Supporting your learning experience

From the moment you arrive at Ridgetown, you’ll find many on-campus resources that will help you develop your study, project, and writing skills.

Opportunities To Support Learning

Academic Program Counselling

Each program has an academic program co-ordinator who assists you with selecting courses to reach your future goals. They are also available to discuss any concens about the program or specific courses.

Library Services and Resource Centre

The library can help with all of your project or assignment needs. It has a wide selection of books, magazines, e-books, and online journal articles. There is also access to computers, printers, and photocopiers that students can use. Students also have access to online resources in the tri-universities’ collection of journal articles and publications at the University of Guelph, University of Waterloo, and Wilfrid Laurier University.

Peer Helper Program

The Peer Helper program is made up of second year students who have completed their first year of academics and want to help you with your academic studies. These students are selected from most diploma programs and are available for group and/or one-to-one study help.

Academic Skills Centre

Our skills centre, located in the library, is available to assist students with individual and group projects; writing and proofreading papers; enhancing study, organizational, and time management skills; and navigating online databases.

Student Accessibility Services

Accessibility services helps students who experience disabilities with full and equitable participation in academic life. We strive towards creating a barrier-free environment where all students can achieve their potential. Please visit Student Accessibility Services for additional information.


There is an active chaplaincy program on-campus and many welcoming local churches to assist in the spiritual needs of students. The campus welcomes students of all faith backgrounds.

Accessible Campus

Students of different abilities are welcome to apply to our programs and attend Ridgetown Campus. Ridgetown Campus strives to be inclusive of all abilities.

Students Government

Students are elected each year to be representatives and the collective voice of the student body. Students Government is also involved in planning student events on campus for the entire student body, many of which give back to local charities and organizations.

Page reviewed 09/28/2020