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Going Back to School

Mature Student Status

Thinking about going back to school but not sure if you can do so without your high school diploma or equivalent?

Admission opportunities exist for applicants who don’t have their high school diploma or equivalent but are 19 years of age and older and have been out of high school for a minimum of one year.

Mature students may be required to complete pre-admission testing depending on the courses completed in high school.

Please call our Assistant Registrar for more information on applying as a mature student.

Non-Current Secondary School Students

Ridgetown Campus welcomes many students to our academic programs each year. Whether you decided to do something after high school before attending a post-secondary school, or are looking to change your career path, all programs are available for application. Our diploma and certificate programs are a great way to learn new skills, gain more knowledge, and start on the path towards your future career!

All applications to our academic programs are made through www.ontariocolleges.ca. Please contact our Assistant Registrar if you have any questions about applying to our programs.

Dan Stewardson
Dan, what was it like going back to school at Ridgetown Campus?

"I found it easy to return to post-secondary education. I was keen to complete my Agriculture Diploma and enhance my skills and knowledge, so returning to school was an experience I was excited about."

Dan Stewardson, Thedford, ON
Senior, Associate Diploma in Agriculture
Page reviewed 12/17/2020