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Emergency Numbers

When Calling 911:

	Identify yourself

	Indicate if you need Fire, EMS or Police

	Campus Address is:
	University of Guelph Ridgetown Campus
	120 Main Street East
	Ridgetown, Ontario
	Phone 519-674-1500

	INCLUDE: name of the building and number, floor
	and room number or location, contact
	number that you can	be reached at

Emergency Fire/Police/EMS Call 911
Campus Security 519-674-1500 x63537
Chatham-Kent Health Alliance 519-352-5425
switchboard 519-352-6400
Chatham-Kent Police Information 519-436-6600
non-emergency 519-352-1234
Assaulted Women’s Help Line 1-866-863-0511
Chatham-Kent Addictions Program 519-436-2599
Chatham-Kent Anonymous HIV Testing 519-355-1071
Chatham-Kent Family Network 519-436-6100
Chatham-Kent Family Services 519-354-6221
Chatham-Kent Mental Health Services 519-351-6144
Chatham-Kent Motherisk 1-877-FAS-INFO
Chatham-Kent Prenatal Assessment Clinic 519-352-6401
Chatham-Kent Pre-natal Services 519-352-7270 x2903
Chatham-Kent Public works 519-360-1998
Chatham-Kent Public Health Unit Clinic Services 519-555-1071 x5901
Chatham-Kent Women’s Centre 1-800-265-0598
Depression Information Hot-line 1-888-557-5051 x8000
Municipality of Chatham-Kent Public Health Services 519-352-7270
Ridgetown Municipal Service Centre 519-555-1071 x5901

Page reviewed 10/02/2018