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OSAP Repayment Information

When do I start repaying my OSAP loan?

You will make payments to the National Student Loan Service Centre (NSLSC) when you complete your full-time studies.

You need to start paying back your OSAP loan six months after your study period ends.

Register with the NSLSC to keep track of your loans, and learn more about repaying your loans.

Grace Period

When you finish attending school, the Ontario government pays the interest on your Ontario student loan(s) for the first 6 months. This is called the “grace period”. Please note that interest accrues on the Federal portion of your loan during the grace period.

Once the grace period ends, you're responsible for paying the interest on both your Ontario and Canada student loans.

Repayment Webinar

The NSLSC offers repayment webinars to provide information about repaying your loans. You can watch a short presentation.

NSLSC Contact Information

The National Student Loan Service Centre
P.O. Box 4030
Mississauga, ON L5A 4M4