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Reminder! At NO time will the University request your username and password by email. Please keep them well protected.

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Every student will be given 2 user accounts:

  1. Central login ID is the same as the first part of your Email address. Example jdoe@uoguelph.ca, your ID is jdoe
  2. Network Login ID is required to login into the computers on campus. The ID itself is the same (in most cases) as the central login but the password is different

Accessing computers in the LABS, Lounges or Library:
You will need to use your Network ID, which is the same as your central login ID (in most cases). The password may have been changed in the event your forgotten it over the summer. Please remember to logout when finished.

Accessing this website, CourseLink, Gryph Mail, WebAdvisor and other sites:
In all cases, you will use your central login ID and password.

Logging In

Once you have logged into the site, you will have access to 'Student Only' sections of this site.

Logging Out

Once you are done using the site, make sure to click the "Logout" link either on the course page, or in the upper right hand side of the page. By doing this, it will ensure that your information will not made available to anyone else once you leave the computer. Any inactivity from your browser over a period of time will cause the web site to discontinue your session. If this happens, you will be required to login again. Even though the site will log you out, be sure to do so when ever you leave your computer or this site.

Courses Not Listed in CourseLink?

If you course is not listed on the page after you login, either:

  • You have not been added to the class list. This sometimes occurs if changes have been made to the class list prior to or after classes have started for the semester, like a course ADD. Simply inform your instructor that you do not have access to the course
  • There is no course information available for the specific course you are trying to access. Talk to your instructor about posting this information on CourseLink

Contact Information

This site is maintained by the Ridgetown Campus webmaster. Any comments, questions or issues should be reported using this link. If you are having difficulty with viewing information from your course pages, please consult with the instructor before contacting the webmaster.

Password Change

You can change your Central Login password at anytime using the Password Change tool.

Password Insurance

Password insurance is a free and easy way to access your account in the event that you have forgotten your password. The first step is to sign up for password insurance. You will be asked to login to your account and select from a list of pre-defined questions. When you need to reset your password, simply return to the password insurance site and answer the security questions that you have chosen. If answered correctly, you will have the option to change your password.


Wireless Internet access is available across the campus in key locations in each building. To gain access to the campus Network, you must find a hot spot from the map, and connect to the network in your list of wireless networks. Once your computer connects, the first time you open your web browser, you will be prompted to enter your UofG Central login ID & Password before you can proceed. If you have problems accessing the wi-fi or if you have difficulties with your Central login ID, please contact the webmaster.

Local Network Account

In order to access your local network drive, or your 'Home' folder on a campus computer, you must login with your Novell username. The username is typically the same as your Central login account name (or Gryph Mail username). This username and password are required in order to login the network in the computer labs and library computers. Campus computers do not use Central Login accounts to login.

Student Cards

All students are required to upload their photo prior to the beginning of classes. Student cards are issued at the beginning of the semester and are valid for the duration of your schooling. Students are required to carry their student card at all times while on campus. Student cards are used for meal plans, access into campus pubs, library book sign-out and laptop sign-outs and other activities. The cost of your student card is included in your tuition fees. If you did not receive a student card or did not upload your student card photo, one will be issued to upon notification to us. If you have lost or misplaced your student card, it will cost $10 to have another card printed. Please visit the Administration on the 2nd floor of the Reek Building to obtain a new or replacement student card.

Student Email

Every student is issued a University of Guelph email address prior to your arrival. This email address is your Central Login username followed by @uoguelph.ca Your UofG email address is the OFFICAL form of student communications. The University (staff & faculty) will only communicate with students using the assigned UofG email account. The University uses Gryph Mail as our email platform. Click the Gryph Mail link at the top of the page to access your email.