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Recent Graduate students

J. Gaiero, 2014. “Microbiology and Nitrogen Mineralization in Composted Poultry Litter Amended with Biodiesel Wash Water”

K. Baute, in progress. “Effect of anaerobic digestion on weed seeds”

S. Wasserman, 2013. “Life Cycle Assessment of a Pilot Scale Farm-Based Biodiesel Plant”

K. Marchand, 2012. “Utilization of Biodiesel-Derived Crude Glycerol by Fungi for Biomass and Lipid Production”

A. Lamers, 2010. “The Characterization of Biodiesel Wash Water and the Potential for Microbial Remediation”

Graduate student opportunities

Please send your interests and background to Dr. Brandon Gilroyed (bgilroye@uoguelph.ca) if you are interested in pursuing graduate studies in renewable energy and sustainability.

Research assistant and Co-op student opportunities

Please contact Kim VanOverloop (vanoverk@uoguelph.ca) to enquire about shorter term work and learning experiences with CARES.

Related Programs offered at Ridgetown Campus

Associate Diploma in Environmental Management

This program offers opportunities for hands on exposure, experience and training in the technologies CARES is developing/demonstrating.

Related courses

DENM*3150 Agriculture and Environmental Stewardship

DAGR*4150 Renewable Energy and Agriculture

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