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Fun Facts

Did you know that...

Biomass crops can be turned into biofuels, biogas or used as a combustible source of energy?

The CARES Facility has the capacity to produce 2 190 000 kWh of renewable electricity annually? That is enough electricity to power roughly 200 households or the entire University of Guelph Ridgetown Campus.

Total annual Canadian biofuel capacity is over 2.4 billion L?

Canadian biogas operations add over 14 MW of electricity to the grid annually?

The economic impact of biofuels in Canada is over $2 billion annually?

A significant portion of the fuels in your car’s tank can come from renewable agricultural resources?

Production and combustion of biofuels has a reduced environmental impact compared to fossil fuels?

Biodiesel is made from a chemical transformation of plant oils whereas ethanol is made from a biological transformation of plant sugars?

That farmers routinely turn livestock manure and crop residues into renewable heat, electricity as well as a source of renewable fertilizer?

Biomass crops like Miscanthus, Switchgrass and Big Bluestem can be sustainably harvested and combusted for electricity and heat applications?

Canada ranks 9th out of 28 OECD countries in terms of renewable energy production?

The CARES Facility can divert 3,200 tonnes of waste from landfills annually?

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