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Year: 2000

Antopolski, Tiffany Tiffany has been working for the past five years as a Transgenic Technician in the department of Molecular Neurobiology at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto. As of September 2006 she will be a student again, at McMaster University in the Faculty of Engineering. She lives in Toronto with her dog Tissot and cat Kalinka

Arbic, Kathryn After graduating with a Vet Tech diploma in 2000, Kathryn moved on to study Animal Biology at the University of Guelph and has finally made it into Ontario Veterinary College - class of 2009! She is currently living in Guelph.

Clifford (Gordon), Connie Currently employed with Bioniche Life Sciences Inc. Living on our farm in Campbellford with my husband and son

Devine, Wil Returned to the Ridgetown area and is employed with Pioneer Hi-bred out of Chatham.

Groocock, Linda Veterinary Technician currently working at the Central Animal Facility, University of Guelph

Hazelton, Melanie I have recently graduated (2008) from Niagara College with a diploma in Paramedicine! I am still employed with the Fort Erie Race track working both as a RVT in the test barn and as a paramedic. I am currently living in Ridgeway Ontario with my husband and new son.

Hendrick (Schmidt), Jennifer Jennifer is a Veterinary Technician - Anesthesia at Ontario Veterinary College in Guelph

Luyks (Fordham), Stacey Operate a chicken farm in Iona Station with my husband Brad, a '99 Ag grad.

Phipps, Robyn Living in Saskatoon SK with boyfiend Adam Green. Working at Co-op Feeds, Saskatoon mill, as a Customer Service Order Clerk.

Potter (Alden), Mary Kate This year I returned to my horticulture roots and began working with a landscape company called Garden Techniques. I am loving it and still learn something new everyday! I married Corey in 2002 and we have to little girls, Rylee Mae and Rachel!

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