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About the Ridgetown Campus Agri-Food Foundation Board

The Ridgetown Agri-Food Foundation was first established in 1996 and is a volunteer organization that works to ensure the ongoing and future success of Ridgetown Campus.

Foundation Priorities:

  1. Campus Strategic Direction
  2. Westag Alumni Engagement
  3. Partnership Investment (Fund Development)

Giving Opportunities/Options

  • Priority Capital Campaign- Ontario Sustainable Crop Research & Innovation Centre ($3-$4 million goal)
  • Ridgetown Learning Trust- Enhancing student learning ($1 million goal)
  • Scholarship or Bursary Program- Support to full-time students
  • Planned Giving- Leaving a legacy
  • Named Program of Your Interest- supporting academics, student leadership, or research programs)

Foundation Success

  • Secured $7.1 million for the Rudy H. Brown Centre (opened in 2006)
  • Secured $3.5 million for the D.J. Pestell Student Service and Alumni Centre (opened in 2014)
  • Engaged $175, 000 for the Ridgetown Learning Trust
  • Attracts $15,000 to $20, 000 from alumni through annual phone campaign

About Ridgetown Campus

  • Key program and service areas include:
    1. Diploma and certificate education
    2. Applied agriculture/sustainable research
    3. Continuing education/contract training
  • Deeply rooted in the agricultural community with over 90 years of research delivery
  • Annual budget of $18-$20 million
  • Entering our 67th year of diploma education delivery
  • Leverage provincial base funding to attract private support (1:3)
  • Current student body is 625-650 full-time students
Page reviewed 02/10/2017