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Emergency Closing Procedures

Stormy/Hazardous Weather Conditions

The authority and responsibility for closing the campus (fully or partially) due to a condition or situation rests with the Campus Director or next reachable officer.

The decision to close Ridgetown Campus due to severe weather will be based on several information sources including but not limited to:

  1. Meteorological forecasts for the nearby state of Michigan and the city of Detroit
  2. Local school boards including the S.t Clair Catholic District School Board and the Lambton Kent District School Board
  3. Monitoring The Weather Network for current and future weather conditions within the region
  4. Monitoring local radio stations (i.e. CFCO & CKSY) for other school closures, organization meeting cancellations, and road closures
  5. Checking the Ministry of Transportation, Ontario website for additional road closures
  6. Checking for possible power outages in Ridgetown
  7. Checking with the campus' Physical Plant Manager regarding Campus conditions (i.e. snow and ice)

If Ridgetown Campus needs to be closed due of bad weather, a message will be posted on normal media sources (i.e. Campus website, local radio, campus phone system (519-674-1500), and UofG Alert).

The rendering of a decision to close the Ridgetown Campus due to stormy/severe weather will be communicated when possible by 7:00 AM.

Individuals are cautioned to exercise safety when seasonal hazards are a possibility.