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Food Handler Training

For the food processing industry Examination

What is the Food Handler Training for the food processing industry Examination?

The Examination is based on the manual Food Handler Training for the food processing industry developed by the Ontario Independent Meat Processors. There are two levels of Examination: Worker Level or Supervisor Level.

Why should I take this Examination?

Every food handler plays a critical role in food safety. Successfully completing this Examination provides assurance to employers, inspection authorities and customers that you understand your food safety responsibilities and how to control food safety hazards.

The Examination has two levels: FHTC Worker Level Exam and FHTC Supervisor Level Exam. When you register for the examination, you will need to indicate which level you wish to register for. The supervisor examination includes all the questions for the worker level as well as additional questions related to a supervisor’s role in food safety.

Who needs to take this Examination?

All food plant workers and supervisors need to know about food safety. In some food processing sectors, there are specific regulatory requirements for food safety training, particularly in meat plants. Successful completion of this Examination demonstrates that you have met these requirements.

All other food processing sectors also need trained workers and supervisors, so the manual and the examination have been designed to meet the needs of all sectors. Anyone who handles and prepares food for others to consume will benefit from learning the material in the Food Handler Training for the food processing industry manual and writing the Examination.

To obtain a copy of the manual, contact:

Ontario Independent Meat Processors
52 Royal Road, Unit B-1
Guelph, ON N1H 1G3
info@oimp.ca www.oimp.ca

Page reviewed 03/03/2017